Most effective ways to make your blog popular

By Vincent Hill

Owning a popular blog is every blogger’s dream, but like everything else, you’re going to have to sweat it to get what you want. If you’re new in the game, making your blog popular is not easy and doesn’t happen overnight. However, if you are willing and determined to work hard to learn and adapt, then success may just be right around the corner for you. Continue reading


Freelance writing tips: how make sure you’re dealing with an honest customer


Freelancing might sound appealing and profitable. Being your own boss, working at your own pace, and not being bound by corporation constraints are all alluring ideas that draw many people into the freelancing business. Add to that the many success stories of lone wolves turned rich overnight by signing up in freelance sites, and you might think you’re headed for a dream come true.

But if not done right, freelancing can be the source of major headaches, as I came to learn to my dismay (that’s a story left for another time). At the center of most of those headaches are customer issues. Continue reading