PaMu Slide Mini: A great small TWS earbud at an excellent price

pamu slide mini

Choosing the best wireless earphones and earbuds is truly one of those difficult choices especially with the market being literally flooded with a large variety of options. Sound quality, the price and battery life are always on people’s mind when making their decision. This becomes even more daunting when you are purchasing an earbud/earphone as a gift.

After reviewing numerous models from different brand names, I’ve found at times, larger and heavier versions have become annoying. Large cases don’t fit into pant pockets easily or take up too much room in a bag. And there are instances when they become heavy in your ear after some time.

The PaMu Slide Mini is the exact model for those seeking small yet good quality earbuds that do not become a burden. They’re also a very good gift idea, especially for those thinking of buy yet another tie for a friend. (Can we seriously stop this tie thing?)

The PaMu Slide Mini are available in the four colors of black, white, pink and green and currently retails at a range of $39-49. The small case is also a USB-C charging case for the earbuds, and charging light indicators guide you through the process. These buds are equipped with a Qualcomm 5.0 Bluetooth chip and provide a “one-size fits all” approach with six pairs of ear tips for your convenience. And yes, I know it may have become annoying by now, but these buds provide yet another charging cable and come with a carry bag so you can protect your earbuds when necessary.

Various features and controls

Pamu slide mini black

A simple Bluetooth connection procedure is all you need to connect the earbuds. Like all other earbuds out there, while the connection is always easy there are always occasional glitches when using such wireless devices. There were occasions when re-pairing was needed following a battery charge. And considering the small size of these earbuds, they have a shorter Bluetooth range in comparison to other more expensive models. However, the connectivity is consistent while working with your device at close range.

A major thumbs-up goes to the amazingly lightweight of the PaMu Mini Slide earbuds that also provide a very comfortable feel in your ears. The touch controls are convenient and quite responsive. Starting with the right bud, two taps skips to the next song (unfortunately no skip backs). While on the left bud two taps activate the voice assistant.

While offered at an affordable price, the PaMu Slide Mini provides good sound quality and strong bass. The mids and highs are presented in equal class, making the experience to listening and fully understanding all types of media quite enjoyable. These buds are also good options for Zoom and ordinary phone calls without disturbing your need to concentrate with the audio or sound quality issues I experienced with other earbuds. While this is not a noise-cancelling model earbud, the speakers and resulting volume are crystal clear and solid.

Extra details

pamu slide mini sports

For those who love to listen to music while exercising, PaMu Slide Minis are good for some workouts yet not the intensive routines desires by certain people. You can be assured that the buds are IPX6 water resistant and built to be firm in your ears. After testing the pair in different exercise routines, I have to say the sound quality remained great while the rubber parts of the buds became too wet and slipped out of my ear as I continued my routines.

All in all, I still recommend these buds for general active use and light exercises workouts.

Nevertheless, there are other features very convenient and amazingly quick features of the PaMu Slide Mini, especially when it comes to charging. Just 1.5 hours are needed for a full charge after the USB-Type C cable is simply plugged into the charging case with the buds. The advertised 10 hours of playtime and 10 hours of talk time is close to what I experienced during my three-week trial period. When paired and in use, a voice indicator informs you know when batteries need to be charged and when the case is plugged in. Furthermore, an indicator light signals the buds’ battery level. The charging case, coming in a firm build standards, is quite is convenient to place in the smallest places like a pant pocket, let alone a purse or gym bag. 

Final thoughts

For its price of $39 to $49, the PaMu Slide Mini provide a very good option in today’s market. The solid build quality, decent connectivity in most conditions and all the features making these small buds easy to use are indicators of money spent well. For those of you, like me, who are looking for an affordable and adaptable set of earbuds for your common daily use, the PaMu Slide Mini are one option you need to definitely consider.

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