Turn your smartphone into a thermal camera with the Infiray P2 Pro

infiray p2 pro
Infiray P2 Pro

In the digital age, smartphones have evolved into indispensable tools, seamlessly integrating into our daily lives, businesses, and work. The latest models boast advanced features and sensors, such as lidar and computer vision features, expanding their utility beyond mere communication. However, even with these advancements, there are still limitations to what smartphones can do.

One such limitation lies in the realm of industrial inspection and electronics, where thermal imaging is crucial. Most smartphones lack this capability, leaving users with two options: purchase a rugged industrial phone with an embedded thermal camera, which can be as costly as a high-end smartphone, or opt for an external thermal camera like the Infiray P2 Pro, which transforms your smartphone into a high-quality thermal camera.

Specs and Performance

infiray p2 pro

The Infiray P2 Pro (available for Android and iPhone) is a compact gadget, measuring just 28 x 18 mm and weighing 9 grams. It connects to your phone via the USB port (or Lightning port if you have an iPhone) and comes with a companion app that enables you to view and record the video captured by the camera. With a high resolution of 256 x 192 pixels, the P2 Pro outperforms many of its competitors, providing clear, detailed thermal video and images.

The camera records at a rate of 25 frames per second, a high frame rate for thermal cameras, allowing it to capture subtle, gradual changes in heat across various surfaces. The P2 Pro also includes a magnetically attached macro lens, ideal for close inspection of circuit boards and small components, capable of capturing 0.25 mm resistors.

However, the P2 Pro’s form factor is a slight drawback. As it protrudes from the bottom of your phone (or the side, depending on how you hold it), it can feel awkward to use initially. But with a bit of practice, you’ll get the hang of it. Alternatively, you can use an extension cable (provided in the package) to maneuver the camera independently or mount it on a separate stand, offering more flexibility.

P2 Pro App

infiray p2 pro app
Infiray P2 Pro app

The P2 Pro’s companion app is feature-rich, offering a customizable color palette to suit your viewing preferences. It also displays crucial information about the lowest and highest temperature points, providing a comprehensive thermal analysis of the scene. You can also adjust the temperature range and select specific points to measure and compare, which is useful for some inspection use cases. The app’s picture-in-picture mode is another standout feature, allowing you to overlay the phone camera’s view over the thermal camera’s, giving you a more comprehensive perspective.

At $300, the P2 Pro is not remarkably inexpensive. However, considering its high-resolution imaging, high frame rate, and the versatility it brings to your smartphone, it’s a worthy investment. And it’s a viable alternative to purchasing a separate phone with an embedded thermal camera, which could set you back significantly more. Whether you’re an electronics enthusiast or a professional in need of thermal imaging, the P2 Pro is a compact, high-performance solution that brings thermal imaging to the palm of your hand.

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